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What is the Digital Business Card

It is a Web Application developed using the most advanced Google Technology (Progressive Web Apps). It has direct links to all your contacts details such as: phone numbers, emails, website, social networks ... and many more.

Why do I need a Digital Business Card?

We are living a time of technology revolution. Nowadays, any business owner needs to connect with new customers through the different social networks. Imagine what will happen if you want to add those links on a reqular business card! It's simply impossible! Thanks to our innovative idea, you can now share instantly your digital card to any of your potential customers!

What are the main features of the Digital Business Card?

How can I Send and Share it?

With our integrated sharing tool inside your card, Simply you can send your Digital Business Card to anyone anytime anywhere with 1 Click.

Why not using a Regular Paper Business Card?

Because a Digital Card is always available to be send to anyone regardless his or her location. With a print card, it may happen that you change your phone number and new cards shall be printed. A Digital Card is instantly available for no additional costs. You are always ready for a business meeting!